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Orb is recruiting. All are welcome , we do not judge members on level but rather their activity and behavior. We train new members. We are active and organized. We have a casual social atmosphere , though are serious gamers. If interested in joining contact Amathius ingame
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Welcome to Orb
We are an Eden Eternal Guild

ORB is a level 3 Guild on the Garnet server.

We are well organized and encourage teamwork and a fun atmosphere.

In Orb one can expect to be listened to , get help when needed and have answers to questions they may have. We also provide support for quests when available and because we are active there are normally always other players to group with in the guild.

If you are interested in becoming a member in the guild contact Amathius the recruitment manager ingame. Send an email to or contact one of the officers listed in the recruitment tab to your left.

If you are already a member , please make use of this site in all of its functionality to gain the most out of the game.
Guild News

4 Guild events are in progress.

Mprime, Jul 8, 11 6:14 PM.
Msichinese , the mommy orb , has announced a series of four events , namely ,

The first and second members to reach 1000 fame  


The first and second members to reach level 50.

Prizes are waiting to be claimed - so work hard and claim yours!

Orb guild makes Guild Level 3 within a week.

Mprime, Jul 8, 11 5:43 PM.
Members celebrated today as the guild entered level 3. We appreciate everyone's hard work in getting here and we look forward to the future now with great things on the horizon. Particularly the raising of over 10,000g for our city. Keep up the good work everyone.

Of particular noteworthiness are those listed below , who put in above average effort in doing the "dirty work" of actually earning the fame.

SaxAFone , with over 1200 fame as of this post
FuurinKazan with over 600 fame
Cptkimchi with over 500 fame
Akared with over 450 fame
Elsolyn with over 450 fame
HybriSoul with over 400 fame
Astehpharaoh with over 300 fame
Katflip with over 300 fame
and PathTM with over 300 fame

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